Tollingjaktprov (nkl)


Inari und Kettu bestehen in Humletorp, Värmland, Schweden die Nybörjarklass im dritten Preis und Kettu wird Gunner’s Choice ( klasse Arbeit ist anders … )


Inari and Kettu pass the tollingjaktprov nybörjarklass in the third price in Humletorp, Värmland, Schweden. Kettu even becomes gunner’s choice ( good work is something else … )


Kettu Inari
Ansmygning: Follow the handler well, shows good obedience
Aktivitet: Very eager, a little bit noisy
Passivitet: Satisfying
Lockarbete:  Very eager but works satisfying
Ansmygning: Very eager during transportation
Aktivitet: Makes some noise
Passivitet: Satisfyed
Lockarbete: A bit unconcentrated
Skottreaktion: Normal
Stadga: Good stedyness
Fart: High speed
Näsa: Uses it’s nose well
Vattenarbete: Enter the water willingly, works well
Markeringsförmåga: Quite satisfyed
Sökarbete: The pattern could be better, finally finds all ducks
Apporteringslust: Good but the delivery could be better
Apportgrepp: Not so well balanced
Skottreaktion: Normal
Stadga: Unsteady
Fart: Good
Näsa: Uses its nose well
Vattenarbete: Enter the water willingly, swim well
Markeringsförmåga: Splended work
Sökarbete: Good questing, all ducks found
Apporteringslust: Mostly good, sometimes a small hesitation
Apportgrepp: Soft grip, good delivery
Samarbetsvilja: Cooperates with its handler
Uthållighet: Good
Sammanfattande kritik: The dog could be more concentrated when working but everafter solves all tasks
Samarbetsvilja: Cooperation could be better
Uthållighet: Satisfying
Sammanfattande kritik: A good worker but could listen a little bit moore to the handler

und hier der todschicke, schwedentypische Gunner’s choice Preis:

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