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Sonntag 24.03.2011 – Langschleppe 1200mlang2_hell

Nearly 1 year after the 800m long trail test Kettu passed the 1200m long trail test. The weather was much mor awful than last year, but the atmosphere was as good as last year. Only 2 teams were entered this test so we could end this test in the restaurant with interesting talks about dogs and hunting.



Sonntag 01.04.2012 – Langschleppe 800mKettu

Kettu however wrote her own thriller:
The trails was straight forward and then turned left upside a little hill. When Kettu passed the first angle and ran up the hill, a roe deer came running from the right side! The collision was almost unavoidable. Kettu followed the deer for about 10 meters turned around and came back to the trail and followed it. Unfortunately she didn’t find the rabbit and came back to me. After a short rest I sent her again. She ran out until the point of the collision. There it took an endless time until she found the trail and disappeared behind the hill. And she came back with the rabbit! My little princess.

Samstag 03.09.2011 – JEP/s


Samstag 23.04.2011 – JP/R

Kettu besteht in Seeshaupt die JP/R mit folgenden Punkten:



Freie Verlorensuche 4 8 32
Wasserfreudigkeit und Verl.Su. im deckungsreichen Gewässer 4 10 40
Spurwille und Sicherheit auf der Schleppspur 3 10 30
Standruhe 3 3 9
Merken 3 10 30
Nasengebrauch 3 10 30
Bringen von Nutzwild 2 10 20
Führigkeit 2 10 20
Arbeitsfreude 2 10 20
Gesamtsumme 231


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